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Push-Off Bucket

by HitchDoc

Infinitely improve your skid steer attachments with this innovative ejector bucket!

  • So Long Shaking – Make shaking and slamming your bucket a thing of the past along with the wear and tear on your machine from dumping dense material like that
  • Reaching Higher Heights – Increase your usual dump height by 3 feet to build taller piles or reach taller trailers without the risk of sidewall damage
  • Extending Your Reach – Add up to 4 feet on your dump reach for a better material spread or balanced loading when reaching the middle of trailers
  • Flawless Controlled Motions – Speed your dump cycle to a nearly instant dump of less than 2 seconds or slow down with feathered motions for accurate placement
  • Self-Cleaning Extractor Blade – Don’t worry about getting materials stuck behind the hydraulically powered extractor, the adjustable seal scraps and removes material in the back of the bucket if necessary


Move High Volumes in Minimal Time

Through extensive testing of this patent-pending product, no material stands a chance to stick and can be ejected from the bucket in seconds.

Dislodge Dense Materials

Clay, compost, dry dirt, mud, sand, and snow can be forced out of the bucket instantly without any damage to your machine, materials or bucket.

Easy-Moving Ejects

For precise placement of concrete, gravel, mulch or backfilling trenches, slowly operate the ejector blade with in-cab controls for accurate materials placements.

Smooth Controls for Saving Time

Easy to operate, hydraulic controls power the patent-pending bucket to decrease the time spent on dirt work or material movements.


Made from high strength, certified American steel

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the Midwest

Long lasting powder coat finish

Equipped with standard flow hydraulic systems

Easy access greased pivots


Replaceable Cutting Edge

This bolt-on feature is made from American steel and can be replaced quickly


Model # Width Capacity Weight
HPO68 68 in. 20.5 ft.3 985 lbs.
HPO74 74 in. 21.7 ft.3 1,025 lbs.
HPO84 84 in. 25.4 ft.3 1,100 lbs.

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Introducing the Push-Off Bucket by Hitchdoc

Sticky mud is no match for the Push-Off Bucket